We are once again humbled by our generous community, which has met the Summer Match Challenge of 2016. This $100,000 represents approximately 1/5 of BACN’s total funding for the year. So when Neighbors visit our food pantry, are able to pick out school clothes, have help with heat bill this winter, or keep a needed doctor’s appointment–the thanks belongs to you, our community. We are so grateful to the John L. Mulvaney Foundation and a private donor for the initial gifts to offer this match challenge. How we LOVE our Neighborhood!


When the economy began suffering in 2008, BACN began to face a real crisis. How could our organization—a simple one of Neighbors helping Neighbors—continue to meet the area’s growing need for services on our shoestring budget?

Enter Brian and Kay Mulvaney, summer residents of Frankfort. In 2001, they established the John L. Mulvaney Foundation to honor Brian’s father and make a difference in local communities throughout the country. After a meaningful meeting with BACN’s then Executive Director Kay Bond, the Mulvaneys discovered that BACN’s mission and goals aligned with those of the Foundation. This meeting led to a long-standing relationship between BACN and the Foundation.

Working with the Foundation, BACN established a Summer Match Challenge in 2010, as a means of encouraging donors to maximize their gifts to BACN. For every dollar donated through August 31st of that year, that dollar was matched by the John L. Mulvaney Foundation and other generous area donors. That year, BACN successfully challenged the community to match $20,000 for a total impact of $40,000. While that original match amount was doubled, the following years have seen the community more than double funds through the challenge each summer. The exponential growth each year of the Summer Match Challenge has allowed BACN’s community footprint to grow right along with the gifts.

Today’s BACN works to balance the personal touch of Neighbors helping Neighbors with meeting the community’s expanding needs. While food remains one of the most compelling reasons for Neighbors to initially come to BACN, we recognize that people need to be fed in other ways. Human nature dictates that we want to take care of ourselves—to be self-reliant. BACN has worked hard to develop relationships with partners who can bring education and job-readiness training right to BACN. This is both a need and a trend that shows no sign of slowing.

To honor 2016’s gifts from the John L. Mulvaney Foundation and others, we’re challenging the community to match once again. We’ve come close in recent years to tripling the original gift—is this the year we can reach that goal? Imagine the community impact ! Your Neighbors thank you for your consideration of being part of this year’s historical Summer Match Challenge.

Financial: Your generous tax deductible contribution to Benzie Area Christian Neighbors will help to support a whole and healthy community.  Click for details.

Material Goods : Help us provide for the basic needs of individuals and families living in our community by donating bedding, clothing, and other needed items. Click for details.

Please call ahead if you have a large donation to see if room is available in our sorting area.