Women On Their Way
Support For A Positive Transformation

2017 Graduates of WOW!


Women On Their Way

Support For A Positive Transformation

Women on Their Way (WOW), is a Benzie Area Christian Neighbors education-based program designed by women, for women.

Women who qualify and participate in the program receive services that,

  • Bring the academic resources needed to enroll in college to Benzie County.
  • Support participants through the registration and academic process.
  • Teach skills needed to manage home, work, and school life.
  • Provide assistance that helps meet the unique needs of students.
  • Offer peer support, transportation assistance, and enrichment activities.

Stop putting off your dream of an education-enroll today.

For more information about how to enroll in the WOW program and about eligibility requirements, contact Hope Kochis, WOW Facilitator, or Alicia Rusch, Program and Service Coordinator at Benzie Area Christian Neighbors, (231.882.9544).

“It is an academic, educational program for women who want to attend college, no matter how old they are, or whether they are fresh out of high school, already attending college or looking to go back to school…”

Benefits of Membership:
  • Educational Award
  • One-on-One Mentoring
  • Group Support
  • Access to Community Resources and Aid
  • Financial Assistance
  • Dinner Provided at Small Group Meetings
  • Gas Cards for Transportation to Classes
SAMPLE Activities:
  • Women’s Self Defense
  • Financial Planning
  • Yoga
  • Resume Building
  • Mock Interviews
Program Objectives:
  • Provide education, support and assistance
  • Help women establish an educational plan with goals and objectives
  • Develop meaningful, supportive relationships
  • Create a peer community where everyone has a valued role
  • Build resources for healthy living
  • Provide referral sources and establish collaboration with other agencies for assistance
Expectations of Membership:
  • Must Qualify for Neighbor Services through BACN
  • Must Create and Pursue an Educational Vision Plan
  • Must Maintain Contact with WOW! through Group Meetings