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Thank you for visiting BACN’s Virtual Food Drive! We appreciate your support at each of our food drives, but understand sometimes it’s difficult to work in an extra grocery store visit.

Through the month of October (2021), we’re making this food drive available to those who would like to show support during our Fall Food Drive but can’t make it to out to shop. Just use the DONATE button to make a contribution without going to a store.

Below are some samples of what your donation can provide to the community. If you would like to contribute something specific, you have the opportunity to provide three specific items in the comment area of the PayPal purchase. Thank you so much for providing this help for your Neighbors!

— General Donations —
What could YOUR donation provide? (BACN will use the funds for most impact):
$10.00—5 gallons of milk, 20 bags of rice or a case of canned vegetables or fruit
$25.00—15 pounds of ground beef, 2 dozen cartons of eggs or 40 pounds fresh carrots
$50.00—150 pounds of fresh potatoes, 5 cases of Macaroni & Cheese or 3 cases canned tuna
$100.00—1/3 pig, processed and packaged, 75 jars of peanut butter or 35 boxes of cereal
— Specific Donations —
Please choose from the items listed below and specify the item(s) you wish to purchase in the comment section of your payment. We will take your contribution to the store for you and use your donation toward your desired choices.
$15.00—8-10 pound spiral ham
$25.00—15 pound turkey
$25.00—Household hygiene bag (deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, 2 tooth brushes, toothpaste, shaving cream, package feminine hygiene products, 2 bars soap, package toilet paper)
Make your contribution now!

Thank You!