Remember: When Frankfort or Benzie County Schools are closed due to weather, so is BACN!

BACN Mission Statement

Benzie Area Christian Neighbors strives to improve the quality of life for people with limited resources in our community by providing food, clothing, financial assistance, education and social support in collaboration with area resources.

We Need Your Help Communicating Changes!

We are so grateful for the donations that have been the mainstay of BACN’s Clothing Center through the years! We’ve always been mindful of our environment by working with textile recycling companies for unusable donations.

Last week our recycling company stopped accepting goods. This creates an immediate space issue at BACN, adds waste removal costs to our budget, and wreaks havoc with our desire to be environmentally responsible.

We are broken-hearted at the idea of having to be more selective in the donations we receive, but will need to do so while seeking new solutions. This means we will have to turn some donations away. At present, we are now only able to accept donations of quality clothing, linens (sheets, towels, blankets) and basic kitchen items such as dishes, cutlery, pots and pans.

When donations are brought to us we will need to check that they meet the following criteria:

  • Is the clothing appropriate for the current season?
  • Is the fabric in good conditions? (looking for fabric not stained, faded, pilled or ripped)
  • Is the garment in good repair? (not torn, missing buttons, etc.)
  • Have the garments been washed and are ready to hang on racks? (We do not have the capability for washing or ironing)

Please be patient with us as we narrow our focus. BACN’s hallmark of service is dignity and respect, and for now, we only have the ability to accept clothing that our Neighbors will be able to wear with the same sense of pride as we do our own clothing, and basic kitchen needs.

Thank you for your understanding!

We’d like to thank our area young people for all their work to help Neighbors! From several school-sponsored food drives (one inspired by gingerbread houses!), to a Boy Scout Polar Bear Food Drive, to the Benzie Gridiron Club’s I Love Football Camp, to the annual high school BACN Pig Challenge, our area youth have continually shown their caring hearts. We are so grateful!

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