BACN is open for food and limited financial assitance, but the building is currently inaccessible.

Food is being distributed through a drive-up system in BACN’s parking lot. We can offer limited help for financial needs. If you need FOOD, please call us between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., Monday through Thursday: 231-882-9544. We will give you instructions on how to pick up your food. Also, did you know the Benzie Bus will deliver food from BACN right to your door? No need to ride the bus at this time. Simply call the bus to arrange delivery  to your door step (231-325-3000), and then call BACN for the food. Thank you for understanding that for everything, you  must CALL first—since no one can come into the building, we need to do everything by phone. 


At this time, we are unable to accept donations of food or clothing, or anything else that comes into the building from the outside–please see below for further information. We look forward to once again accepting donations!


Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Have you 8 minutes? Please watch this video sharing about three people connected to BACN, and its impact on their lives.

This video was created through the generosity of Rotary Charities of Traverse City, by PB & J Marketing who also donated many hours of their expertise to the project.

COVID-19 Updates for BACN

BACN will be adhering to directives set forth from our county health department, the Governor of Michigan and the Center for Disease Control. At present, two small “platoons” of staff and volunteers (4-6 each day) are in the building to answer phones, assist with that day’s food distribution, and packing of food for the next day’s distribution. The building is sanitized at the end of the day for the next day’s staff. 

We are working to ensure that we are following 6-ft distance mandates for the pickup of food (whether the bags going directly to cars, or the food assortment table) and thank everyone for their cooperation in keeping the proper distance. 

While people are sheltering at home, many are taking advantage of the time to clean out closets, basements and other storage areas. We look forward to once again being able to accept donations of clothing and housewares, and anticipate large amounts of donations once we are able to again accept those. Please bear with us when that time comes, as it will take many hands to prepare the donations to reach the retail floor. 

We ask those readying the donations to please, to the best of your ability, have the items clean, laundered and ready for display. We look forward to offering these wonderful items to our Neighbors!

Even though our current drive-through food system uses more food per household, we are still unable to take individual food donations at this time. This is due both to lacking the volunteers for sorting and storing, and our inability to properly sanitize each item. Buying in bulk is presently keeping our food safer for Neighbors, through less human contact per item, as most comes to BACN on shrink-wrapped pallets or closed cases. 

We will gratefully accept donations–mailed to BACN at P.O. Box 93, Benzonia, MI 49616, or made online through this website, for the purchase of food. If you’d  like to designate your gift for food, there is a “notes” area on the online donations that allows you to do so.

Thank you so much for your support and care of Neighbors during this challenging time!


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Benzie Area Christian Neighbors strives to improve the quality of life for people with limited resources in our community by providing food, clothing, financial assistance, education and social support in collaboration with area resources.


Please register for SERVICES between 10am & 1:30pm, Mondays–Thursdays
DONATIONS are accepted between 10am & 2pm, Monday–Thursdays
If either Benzie Central Schools or Frankfort Elberta Area Schools are closed because of weather, BACN is closed for the day.
Phone: 231-882-9544
BACN will be CLOSED December 24, 2019 and we will reopen Monday, January 6, 2020.


Does your local business have employment needs? Contact us through this website and we’ll promote the open position to our Neighbors directly, and on our Facebook page!

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